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Meet Baby Sky, the Greatest Therapy Horse in the Nation...her story

 Baby Sky. A 5 yr old 26 in mini Therapy Horse.

An offer of $20,000 came in for her but we could not think of selling her.

Baby Sky is said to be the Greatest Therapy Horse in the Nation.

She possess a quality of intuition

for the patients she visits.

Always going to the one that needs and wants her the most!


This is their true story

Once Upon a time in San Diego, there lived a lovely lady named Mary.

When she turned 82 she was put into a senior care facility by her adult children. They brought over a couple of pieces of furniture from Mary’s house and dropped her off. She never saw them again. Mary stopped talking the moment she entered the facility and she never spoke another word for over two years!

Her children never came to visit her and there was no phone call on her birthday or Christmas.

Mary’s heart was broken in half and she lived her life alone, void of family and full of sorrow.

One day a little miniature Therapy Horse named Baby Sky was doing the rounds on the second floor where Mary lived. The residents were sitting in their wheelchairs lining the walls of the long quiet hallway. Mary sat apart from the rest at the end of the grey corridor with her shoulders slumped and her head hanging.

Baby Sky was focused as she walked passed the lineup of people despite the calls of invite while made her way to Mary.

The little horse walked up to her, looked at her for a moment and then laid her head upon Mary‘s lap.

She could feel the desperation that came from Mary. This is what Baby Sky was born for and she knew it. The healing element of

animals is undeniable. This little horse knew that Mary was the one. The veil of despair was swiftly lifted as Mary raised her head and looked straight into the big brown eyes of

a miniature therapy horse.

Mary struggled to focus and you could see her eyes were full of despair. She looked and looked and when the thought had turned to flesh and blood Mary suddenly sat up straight and placed her hands on either side of this little horses face and raised it to meet her own.

What happened next was what miracles are made of.

Mary broke out into a rapturous song.

Her voice was pure and beautiful. She sang the song Amazing Grace and during that time that little horse never took her eyes from Mary’s. There was no handler, no lead rope, just a little Therapy Horse that instinctually knew how much she was so desperately needed, and by moving through the threshold of Mary’s hopelessness they had come together to conquer the loneliness that had become Mary’s existence. After the song ended, Baby Sky slowly turned and walked away. I was crying, the staff was crying, other residents were crying but Mary wasn't.

Mary was smiling , and then she said to me ‘will you bring her to visit me again?’

Baby Sky returned to visit Mary and although Mary forgets some people, she never forgets Sky, and Mary always greets her with a hello Baby Sky, and a kiss on the cheek.

Mary has since passed on but she will always stay in our hearts along with so many other stories of Baby Sky and the miracles that happen when you only just believe!

Selected and trained with a method from

Faithful Friends.

We feel we have found the magic dust!

Now let's sprinkle it around!



The quality Baby Sky possess is  the same quality we recognize and nurture in our miniature therapy horses.

We have been recognized all over this great nation and have many requests for TV interviews. 

We beleive that our horses are the greatest in the nation due 

to health, gentleness,  beauty and most importantly, feedback from all of the buyers.  Check out our customer review  page.

Our training and Certification for Therapy Equine is the toughest in USA

And our prices are very reasonable .

 Year after year our clients are thrilled with their Miniature Therapy Horses and many come back to purchase another.

We will walk you through the process of owning and working with your Therapy mini year after year. Our relationships do not end once you leave the Ranch with your new Therapy Partner. In essance it has just begun. I stay in touch with all of our clients. 

This is the  only way to do business. 

If you love what you do and you want to continue doing it, be real and be present for your clients year after year.

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